We are actively recruiting motivated postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, research associates, and undergraduates. Our research combines immunology, virology, and molecular biology to test gene transfer approaches targeting HIV. Experience in one or more of these approaches would be beneficial; however, we will consider candidates from a variety of backgrounds, provided they make a compelling case for contributing to the objectives and goals of the lab.

  • Postdoctoral Fellows: We are actively recruiting tallented postdoctoral fellows to join the lab and help us develop new research projects. Please see our listing on the MGH career search website here.

    Prospective postdocs should also submit a CV, a description of past research accomplishments and future research interests, and the names and contact information for at least two references by email. It is anticipated that accepted fellows will apply for external research funding.
  • Research Technicians: Individuals with at least a BA/BS degree and research experience that are particularly interested in the approaches and objectives of our lab should apply through the following link or by searching the MGH Careers website using the advanced search option and entering Job Opening ID: 3183693.

    To contact Alex directly please use the link below: